Industrial valve market is in good shape in the fourth quarter

In the first three quarters of 2016, the national economy continued to grow rapidly, with a GDP growth rate of 11.5%, which gave the ball valve market a good trend. However, the trend of economic overheating continues, and there are some outstanding problems that may turn the economy to overheating, which urgently needs to be taken seriously. It is expected that the momentum of rapid economic growth in the fourth quarter will not change. As far as the valve industry is concerned, there are many influencing factors, which are worthy of attention.

At present, my country has a great demand for valve update and technology update. After years of market exploration and practice, the valve industry should be the most experienced pioneer in participating in construction. Especially with the introduction of the valve purchase subsidy policy in 2014, the level of valveization in my country has suddenly risen to a new level. The China Valve Industry Association has put forward a preliminary plan for the technical transformation of the agricultural machinery industry supported by national debt funds in 2008, and it is believed that the national debt financial support will be increased next year.


From the perspective of domestic demand, there are many positive factors, High-consumption and eliminated technologies and equipment, restrict the import of key domestic technologies that have developed capabilities, cancel the tax exemption policy for complete machines and complete sets of equipment, implement tax incentives and tax exemptions for key components, and apply tax incentives to Chinas heavy mining valves and engineering valves. , Machine tools, and petroleum equipment. The construction of railways (including high-speed railways) has accelerated. The average annual investment in 2007-2010 will exceed 300 billion yuan, and the construction of new rural roads will invest more than 400 billion yuan. , The railway equipment industry will play a great role in driving; closing small coal mines and developing large coal groups, forming 5-7 billion-ton coal groups, etc., will provide a broad market for the development of mine valves and coal mining valves. In addition, in overseas markets, the infrastructure construction boom in Africa, South America, South Asia and Eastern Europe has just started, and the market space is huge. This will become a key market for domestic companies to explore overseas in the future.

From the perspective of external demand and import substitution, Chinas urbanization process is far from complete, and the construction of a new countryside is accelerating. In addition, domestic engineering valve products have made great progress in terms of quality and service, and the replacement of foreign brands is constantly progressing. Therefore, it is expected that the first three years will still be a period of rapid growth in demand for engineering valves.

Post time: May-22-2021