Quality Control

NSW Quality Control System

The valves produced by Newsway Valve Company strictly follow the ISO9001 quality control system to control the quality of the valves throughout the entire process to ensure that the products are 100% qualified. We will often audit our suppliers to ensure that the quality of the original materials is qualified.

Each of our products will have its own traceability mark to confirm the traceability of the product.

Technical part:

Make Drawing according to customer requirements, and reviewing processing drawings.

Quality control part:

Incoming part:

1.Visual inspection of castings: After the castings arrive at the factory, visually inspect the castings according to the MSS-SP-55 standard and make records to confirm that the castings have no quality problems before they can be put into storage. For valve castings, we will conduct heat treatment check and solution treatment check to ensure the performance of product castings.

2.Valve Wall thickness test: Castings are imported into the factory, QC will test the wall thickness of the valve body, and it can be put into storage after being qualified.

3. Raw material performance analysis: the incoming materials are tested for chemical elements and physical properties, and records are made, and then they can be put into storage after they are qualified.

4. NDT test (PT, RT, UT, MT, optional according to customer requirements)

Production part:

1. Machining size inspection: QC checks and records the finished size according to the production drawings, and can proceed to the next step after confirming that it is qualified.

2. Product performance inspection: After the product is assembled, QC will test and record the product performance, and then proceed to the next step after confirming that it is qualified.

3. Valve size inspection: QC will inspect the valve size according to the contract drawings, and proceed to the next step after passing the test.

4. Valve sealing performance test: QC conducts hydraulic test and air pressure test on the strength of the valve, seat seal, and upper seal according to API598 standards.

Paint inspection: After QC confirms that all the information is qualified, paint can be carried out, and the finished paint can be inspected.

Packaging inspection: Make sure that the product is firmly placed in the export wooden box (plywood wooden box, fumigated wooden box), and take measures to prevent moisture and dispersion.

Quality and customers are the foundation of the company's survival. Newsway Valve Company will continue to update and improve the quality of our products and keep pace with the world.