How to ensure the performance of the knife gate valve?

Knife gate valves are widely used and can be used in paper mills, sewage plants, tailgate processing plants, etc. The performance of knife gate valves may become worse and worse in the process of continuous use, so under actual working conditions, how to ensure What about the performance of the knife gate valve?

If the knife gate valve is installed and used in the open air, the working conditions are worse than the price. Due to the rust caused by wind and rain, the lubrication will even be destroyed, and the rotation will be stuck. If dust or sand falls into the connection of the parts, the wear of the parts will be more serious. sharp. If the knife gate valve is in the salt spray as a whole, it is affected by the corrosion of chloride ions in the salt spray, and the knife gate valve is very easy to rust, its performance will be affected, and it will not work. The selection of knife gate valve should also consider chlorine resistance. Ion corrosion, and should pay attention to the paint protection of the outer surface.

A driving device has a force characteristic of the driving device. The force characteristic is related to the different specific pressure values ​​on the sealing surface. At the same time, the stress of the valve stem, the valve stem nut and other parts has an influence. When closing to the end, there is a shock load on the sealing surface.

In order to achieve the purpose of ensuring the performance of the knife gate valve, the selection of valve material is the top priority, and the material must be selected according to the working conditions. In the process of use, the maintenance of the knife gate valve should also be strengthened. Such as regular cleaning of dirt, regular grease injection, regular maintenance, etc. are all to be done, so as to prolong the service life of the knife gate valve. Therefore, the key to ensuring the good performance of the knife gate valve is to do a good job in the details of maintenance and operation.


Post time: Aug-10-2022