Types and selection of pneumatic valve accessories

In the process of using a pneumatic valve, it is usually necessary to configure some auxiliary components to improve the performance of the pneumatic valve, or improve the efficiency of the use of the pneumatic valve. Common accessories for pneumatic valves include: air filters, reversing solenoid valves, limit switches, electrical positioners, etc. In pneumatic technology, the three air source processing elements of air filter, pressure reducing valve and oil mister are assembled together, which is called a pneumatic triple piece. It is used to enter the air source to purify and filter the pneumatic instrument and reduce the pressure to the instrument to supply the rated air source Pressure is equivalent to the function of a power transformer in a circuit.

API602 Globe Valve

Types of pneumatic valve accessories:

Double-acting pneumatic actuator: Two-position control for valve opening and closing. (Double acting)

Spring-return actuator: The valve opens or closes automatically when the circuit gas circuit is cut or malfunctioned. (Single acting)

Single electronically controlled solenoid valve: The valve opens or closes when power is supplied, and closes or opens the valve when power is lost (explosion-proof versions are available).

Double electronically controlled solenoid valve: The valve opens when one coil is energized, and the valve closes when the other coil is energized. It has a memory function (ex-proof type is available).

Limit switch echo: Long distance transmission of the valve’s switching position signal (with explosion-proof type).

Electrical positioner: Adjust and control the medium flow of the valve according to the size of the current signal (standard 4-20mA) (with explosion-proof type).

Pneumatic positioner: Adjust and control the medium flow of the valve according to the size of the air pressure signal (standard 0.02-0.1MPa).

Electric converter: It converts the current signal into the air pressure signal. It is used together with the pneumatic positioner (with explosion-proof type).

Air source processing three-piece: including air pressure reducing valve, filter, oil mist device, pressure stabilization, cleaning and lubrication of moving parts.

Manual operating mechanism: Automatic control can be operated manually under abnormal conditions.

Selection of pneumatic valve accessories:

Pneumatic valve is a complex automatic control instrument. It is composed of a variety of pneumatic components. Users need to make detailed selections according to control needs.

1. Pneumatic actuator: ① double acting type, ② single acting type, ③ model specifications, ④ action time.

2. Solenoid valve: ① single control solenoid valve, ② dual control solenoid valve, ③ operating voltage, ④ explosion-proof type

3. Signal feedback: ① mechanical switch, ② proximity switch, ⑧ output current signal, ④ using voltage, ⑤ explosion-proof type

4. Positioner: ① electrical positioner, ② pneumatic positioner, ⑧ current signal, ④ air pressure signal, ⑤ electrical converter, ⑥ explosion-proof type.

5. Triple parts for air source treatment: ① filter pressure reducing valve, ② oil mist device.

6. Manual operation mechanism.

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