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Orbit ball valve
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Orbit ball valve-1

The valve is suitable for use in petrochemical industry, liquefied petroleum gas storage, refinery, natural gas, compressor 
system, oil and gas transportation pipeline, light industry, textile and other industries.
1. Top Entry Structure
The valve adopts the top entry structure. The most distinctive difference between this kind of valve and other is that the 
online maintenance function can be realized without the need of removing the valve from the pipeline.
2. Integral Structure
The body adopts the integral structure, so as to ensure that it has enough strength and rigidity under the maximum rated 
working pressure. The valve trims have been carefully designed and selected to ensure reliability under various service 
conditions. The sufficient wall thickness and the connection bolts of high strength are very helpful to the maintenance and 
servicing of valves and are able to endure pipeline stress.
3. Lower Torque Operation
The stem structure is specially designed and there is no friction between seat and ball sealing faces. Therefore the stem 
can turn easily with low opening and closing torque.
Opening Of Orbit Ball Valve
When it is at the closed position, the ball is closely pressed onto the seat under the mechanical pressure of stem. When 
the handwheel is turned counterclockwise, the stem will move upward, and the angular plane at the bottom of stem will make 
the ball sealing face leave the seat. The ste, will continue rising and interact with the guide pin in the stem spiral 
groove to make the ball turn 90° itout friction until the stem rises to the ultimate position and the ball hole is aligned 
with the valve channel.
Closing Of Ball Valve
During the closing, turn the handwheel clockwise, the stem will move downward and make the ball start rotation. Continue 
turing the handwheel, and the stem will make the stem and ball turn 90° together under the action of guide pin in the 
spiral groove embedded in the stem. When it is nearly closed, the ball has turned 90° without contact with the seat. The 
stem will continue moving downward, the ball sways to press the seat so as to make the sealing face in the seat produce 
elastic deformation and closely fit the ball sealing face, and therefore, ensuring safe and reliable zero leakage.
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